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Your ongoing support allows us to improve the conditions of detention for the arrestees and compensate their families financial losses.
On average around 15,000 roubles a month (approx 235 USD) is required for transfer to their Federal Penitentiary Accounts and for purchasing products to pass on to them in detention. Also, we'd like to collect a further 30,000 roubles a month (approx 470 USD) to support their families. This is a relatively small sum, spent according to the families' needs, covering basic expenses.

It's impossible to truly cover a loss of a family member's presence at home, but we could at least alleviate some of their financial burden.

To help free the innocent, we need their cases to be widely discussed. We need to point out the injustices they have faced, and widespread solidarity of support. A small amount of donations is used for printing, including postcards for the arrested and merchandise promoting their cases.

Our team is made up of volunteers. We don't have an organizational structure and receive assistance for processing monetary donations from Team 29, who are also defending people prosecuted by the government.
What do we need money for?
We're not sure how "Case 212" will progress from hereon, how many people will be arrested in total, how much time these folks will spend in prison and how their family members will be affected.

Therefore we must be ready to support them whatever the circumstance.
How was the money spent?
Thanks to you, the arrested and their families can count on continued support. Since our fundraiser began on the 20th of August, over 870 people have joined this action and 147 have signed up for monthly payment. We honour and value their trust.

After the 20th of every month, we will release a financial report outlining our expenditure and activities.

Detailed monthly report.

Flash mobs "the Moscow case must be stopped" and #stop212, a series of pickets in support of prisoners, charity concerts and auctions, debates and, of course, regular broadcasts and assistance to the families of prisoners and convicts.

Remaining on the accounts:1 383 478 rubles
Total received: 1 482 481 rubles
Total spent: 726 352 rubles

We set up our group and provided prisoners living essentials in the detention centers; subscribed them to receive periodicals and supported their families during the hardest period. We launched a public campaign and held the first public events supporting prisoners, attracting widespread attention to our common case.

Remaining on the accounts: 641 510 rubles
Total received: 1 276 173 rubles
Total spent: 634 663 rubles

Our support for the 212 prisoners and their families would be impossible without friends:
Team 29, MHG, OVD Info, Pravozaschita Otkrytki, Sakharov Centr, ZATEXT
We are a self-organized group of activists, friends and relatives of the people detained during peaceful demonstrations in July and August 2019. We provide assistance to all participants prosecuted under criminal articles.

Our aim is to help the detained under «Case 212», their families and their friends, inform the media coverage of criminal prosecutions, and to show them other forms of solidarity and support.

We seek official recognition that there was no "public disorder" in Moscow streets on July 27.

We seek the release of all those persecuted.

We seek respect for their human rights.

Alexandra Krylenkova, a human rights activist
Nikita Ponarin, a HSE student, a civic activist
Roman Kiselev, a human rights activist
Maria Chernyh, a co-founder of the bureau «Verstak»
Anastasia Shilovskaya, a HSE student, a civic activist
Daniel Khryaschyov, BMSTU student, human rights activist

And many, many others.
Our support for the 212 prisoners and their families would be impossible without friends:
Team 29, MHG, OVD Info, Pravozaschita Otkrytki, Sakharov Centr, ZATEXT
Once a week we send a summary of what is happening and write about what's most important

You can contact the our team via chatbot
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