of supporting group and relatives of prisoners for fundraising and its expanses since 20 August 2019

Updated: 22.09.2019
has been collected since the launch of the campaign on August 20, 2019. Thanks to those who are involved in the common cause, we were able to provide regular support to close prisoners, handings over to pre-trial detention centers and temporary detention facilities, and media promotion.
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1 276 173 rubles
people join to fundraising
147 among them
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Our work could not be possible without the support of friends who join our work and help to move forward.

Team 29, МХГ, OVD Info, Pravozaschita Otkrytki, Sakharov`s centre, ZATEXT
since 20.08.2019 to 21.09.2019
₽ 1 276 173
₽ 634 663
Balance at the end of the period
₽ 641 510
Detailed monthly report
After the twentieth of every month we reports
about incomes and expanses.
We debugged the work of the group and provided the prisoners with the most necessary things in the pre-trial detention center, issued them subscriptions to print media and were able to support their closed ones during the critical period

To attract public attention to our common cause, we launched a public campaign and, together with friends, held the first public events in support of prisoners.

In total, 1 276 173 rubles were collected.
Among them:
95 672 руб.
17 000 руб.
transferred from personal duty after release
one-time donations
705 051 rub.
auction of 4th september
294 000 rub.
with support of "Pravozaschita Otryatki"
concert «the walls will collapsed»
164 450 rub.
Organizers: Yan Shenkman, Sasha Krylenkova, Kirill Medvedev and Alexei Polikhovich

In total 634 663 rubles were spent for that period.
Out of them:
Handings over to prisoners in pre-trial detention centers and temporary detention facilities
48 908 rub.
Buying books and subscribing to periodicals
6 604 rub.
Transport, accommodation for relatives from other cities

15 296 rub.
Initial visit of attorney to Eduard Malyshevsky's

10 000 rub.
Then the case is under control of "Agora"
Transferred to families of prisoners as part of their monthly support:
Danila Beglets
30 000 rub.
Aydar Gubaydullin
30 000 rub.*
Kirill Zhukov
30 000 rub.
Evgeniy Kovalenko
70 000 rub.
Alexei Minyalio
30 000 rub.
Ivan Podkopaev
30 000 rub.
Samarriddin Radzhabov
30 000 rub.
Pavel Ustinov
30 000 rub.
Sergey Fomin
30 000 rub.
Nikita Chirtsov
30 000 rub.
*Aydar`s family transferred funds in favor of Danil Beglets` mother. Relatives of Yegor Zhukov and Konstantin Kotov decided to leave funds in the general account. We are waiting for the information about decisions of Eduard Malyshevsky and Vladislav Sinitsa.
Other expanses:
Print of T-shirts and shoppers
75 578 rub.
Print of postcards and other polygraphy
11 115 rub.
Commissions, taxes
88 161 rub.
Rental of sound equipment for concert
33 000 rub.
6 000 rub.
Thanks everyone
for support!
Together we can do more!
Our support for the 212 prisoners and their families would be impossible without friends:
Team 29, MHG, OVD Info, Pravozaschita Otkrytki, Sakharov Centr, ZATEXT
Once a week we send a summary of what is happening and write about what's most important

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